iPhone Dev School gives aspiring developers tools for App Store success

School’s in session at the University of Calgary, and not just for students pursuing a degree — if you are an aspiring app developer for iPhone, you are invited to learn a thing or two at Michael Sikorsky’s iPhone Dev School at the U of C from October 23–24.

Michael Sikorsky is an iPhone developer who co-founded Robots & Pencils with his wife Camille. Robots & Pencils is Sikorsky’s sixth start-up, and his other five have been sold for profit. Sikorsky has raised over $10 million for his ventures over the years and has been praised by CNN and Profit magazine for his start-ups, particularly Cambrian House, a crowdsourcing website.

At iPhone Dev School, Sikorsky will impart some of his wisdom about not only making apps, but getting them picked up by Apple’s App Store and even finding investors. A full list of topics discussed can be found here (along with more information about the event), but they include:

  • Objective-C, XCode and InterfaceBuilder
  • Distribution
  • Analytics
  • Anti-piracy
  • Memory leaks
  • Compression

To register for the iPhone Dev School, click here.