iPhone Dev School in Calgary

Last week Calgary’s Michael Sikorsky formally announced his new company Robots and Pencils and launched an iPhone app at the same time. Crush Factor is a little app that can explain itself.

CrushFactor is a great excuse to touch someone & the easiest way to get their digits (this assumes you’re not Brad Pitt. Brad doesn’t need any excuses to touch people. If this is Brad Pitt: “hiya! LUVED ur work in Thelma & Louise! xo”).

If you’re wondering what it takes to whip up your own iPhone App, Sikorsky is the guy to talk to. Luckily he’s willing to rent his brain and has organized an iPhone Dev School which is taking place on the weekend of May 30/31st at the University of Calgary. The 2 day courses promises that you will learn how to:

  • Create an iPhone App using Objective-C, XCode and InterfaceBuilder
  • Run your App on the: iPhone Simulator, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Distribute your App to AppStore (code signing, getting a US EIN, electing for GST,etc)
  • Add Analytics to your App so you know what your customers are actually using and not using
  • Find and Fix memory leaks in your App (very important on the iPhone)
  • Learn how to connect your App to WebServices (service will be built using GoogleAppEngine)

Seats are $999 and the class size is limited to 22 students and as of the writing of this post there are 12 seat remaining. Questions about iPhone Dev School? Ask Michael yourself via email.