iPhone in Enterprise: Custom In House Apps is The Future

Apple Canada’s Bruce Dagge gave the second keynote on how businesses are using the iPhone to improve their workflow. More than 7 years with Apple, Bruce is an expert on the iPhone.  He proposed the following questions that maybe you’d like to think about or comment on.

Is the iPhone a mobile computing platform disguised as a phone?
Why is this iPhone in business?

Bruce said he thought the greatest feature of the iPhone for businesses was the ability to develop custom in-house applications for business.Creating custom environments. He used Kraft as an example. They allow employees to connect their personal resources to the corporation’s. So what are people and businesses doing with the iPhone? He showed 6 case studies.

1. Lookup and Reference
2. Field Sales and Service Workers: inventory and on-site ordering
3. Business IntelligenceL managing funds and portfolios
4. Business Process
5. Collaborations
6. Training and Communication

Creation, distribution and access are three crucial elements to product creation and mobility takes that to the next level. Gary Symons from Vericorder Technologies explained what this is. He built CBC’s first wireless recording kit for radio. He demod a wireless audio editing application called Poddio by making a news story in about two minutes in fornt of us. Very cool. It goes directly to Burli media access system and a podcast, live. As someone who has used Burli, this is incredible.

To leave you until the next business sessions, he mentioned the debate of selling a low price app to a high number of people (app store) or a high priced product to a few key people.  What’s better? What do you think?