iPhone Killer in Motion: Introducing Research in Motion’s all-new Blackberry Torch and OS 6

bbAs expected, RIM unveiled both a new Blackberry device and its latest operating system at its media event yesterday, hopefully distracting consumers and investors from the UAE debacle.

The Blackberry Torch, which features a touchscreen in addition to its renowned physical keyboard (slider in this case), will sell for $199 with a 2-year contract and will go on sale August 12th. It will use the new OS 6.

This is the grand beginning of Research in Motion’s aggressive catch-up to the iPhone and Android software as it focuses on maintaining its smartphone market share dominance, which has been steadily dwindling since Google and Apple punched their way into the market.


The new Torch is loaded with GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G network capability and 8 GB memory. Its battery life impresses, with up to 30 hours of music playtime, and nearly 6 hours of video playback and talk time. On standby, the Torch will stay alive for more than 2 weeks.

Its touchscreen features pinching and zooming, and its browser has tabs. And the Torch’s whopping 5 megapixel camera is a force to be reckoned with, boasting continuous auto focus video, recording, image stabilization, scene modes, and flash.


A highly customizable home screen greets you as you venture into the operating systems upgraded features, such as RIM’s most advanced version of BBM, enhanced multimedia capabilities, streamlined social media, intelligent search functions, and a revamped browser.