iPhone plus Happy Hours app makes cheap drinking only a shake away

The iPhone is a great platform for productivity and in some cases for replacing your laptop, but one of mankind’s most important activities, getting your drink on, has until recently been given short shrift on Apple’s ubiquitous phone.

Well, no more. Seattle-based GoTime.com recently released a Happy Hours app for the Emerald City (video here), and now that app will also cover tech-and-indie hub Portland, a place not unfamiliar with a pint or two.

Users can choose the neighbourhood the want to visit or time they’ll be available, or if they want a more random pick they can simply shake the phone. Once they pick a bar they’ll see locations, maps and other pertinent info, and from there it’s just a matter of getting to the bar and settling down with a pitcher or three.

Sounds like a great app, and the only question I have is… when will there be a Vancouver version? I have a thirst that needs quenching.