Highly Unscientific Study Concludes iPhone Users Smartest, BlackBerry Users Dumbest

A UK bookmaker recently tested 1,000 smartphone users to see if there was a difference in intelligence among the owners of various mobile platforms.

The study was decidedly unscientific but drew some interesting results: Ladbrokes says iPhone users were the smartest and BlackBerry users the least so.

The quiz took the form of a multiple choice test in which players had to choose from four possible answers. It was all about trying to get them right as quickly as possible, trying to beat the clock. Platforms included in the test were Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and BlackBerry.

Measuring the average time of users of six different smartphone manufacturers, the best performers were Apple users, who took just 94 seconds on average to complete the quiz. They were five seconds faster than users of the Google Nexus phone, who took 99 seconds to complete a short sequence of numerical brainteasers.

At the other end of the scale, the slowest to complete the quiz were BlackBerry users, who took 118 seconds, close to two minutes on average.