iPhones aren’t cool, says HTC… but Android users aren’t smart, says research

There’s not many things in North America more trendy right now than Apple’s simple, minimalist apple icon on the back of a shiny glass or brushed aluminum object.

MacBook Airs are driving record-breaking Mac sales. The iPhone 4 is the best-selling mobile device, and the iPhone 3GS—ancient by tech standards—remains the second best-selling. Apple retail stores fetch more revenue per square foot than any other retailer in the known universe, and are always jam-packed with enthusiastic consumers.

But HTC, maker of some phones I don’t remember the names of, says iPhones have lost their cool factor. President Martin Fichter conducted an extremely small-scoped and uselessly informal survey of who uses what phones. Guess what? His daughter has an HTC! No bias there.

While Martin admits “Apple is innovating” and “MacBook Airs are cool,” he says the iPhone is “less cool than it was” among youth because more older people have them and the kids refuse to mirror the wisdom of their elders. (Note: I ran my own, equally scientific test with a few immediately available friends. All 7 had iPhones—five 4’s and two 3GS—and not a single one could name a specific HTC device.)

But it’s okay, Martin. HTC devices can still find homes because they do indeed go to different people than iPhone users. Cooler people? Well, that much is up for debate. Recent research by Hunch revealed that Android users are 80% more likely to have only a high school diploma, and much less likely to have a high income. They also tend to live in the burbs or countryside, and are pessimists, introverts, and/or late adopters. Ouch. Furthermore, they’re 71% more likely to say they “tend to follow,” throwing the “Apple sheep” theory pundits use out the window.

Oh, and they love Yahoo Mail. I guess that’s the nutshell version.

You can’t blame Martin for throwing a jab at Apple, even though it’s not likely to dent the company’s sales. Don’t expect Apple to counter… with words anyway. Apple’s rebuttal will be called the iPhone 5 and you can expect it to outsell even the coolest HTC device. Whatever that might be.