Is 2009 the Year of Mobile? Global MMF and Global Mobile Advertising Awards

In the wake of the Google Acquisition announcement of AdMob for $750M last week, the Global Mobile Marketing Forum held in Los Angeles on November 17th exhibited a lot of excitement about the future of mobile for 2010.

Every year has been the running debate over when is the “Year of Mobile”, and 2009 was clearly the transition for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has been up 40% this year and from the words of the chair in the kick-off of the day, Michael Weirs, CEO of the Mobile Marking Association stated that, “The third largest acquisition by Google of AdMob, gives us a lot of confidence and validation that mobile advertising and marketing is about to explode, and we are excited about all that has happened over the course of 2009.  Now we are seeing Mobile as a budget line item. For instance, Volkswagon is doing things exclusively with iPhone Apps independent of other media channels”. 

We had many of our Pacific North West colleagues here, including Microsoft that made an announcement of joining the Mobile Marketing Association’s new Premium Membership category as the spearhead partner to support much of the policy discussions facing the industry today, and our friends at MyThum won an award in the North America Multi-Mobile Channel to validate that Canada is also part of the Global leadership in the creative marketing of mobile.  Michael Carter, CEO, MyThum in his acceptance speech stated, “This one for you Canada!”.

The event was filled with many great presentations and new nuggets of information about the industry with a sit down Awards Ceremony Dinner in the evening.  Many of the Global Mobile Marketing firms flew in for the event from China, South Africa and as far as Brazil.   It was showcase of the best in class mobile marketing companies and campaigns to date.  Here is link for the winners of the Global Advertising and Marketing Awards ceremony in the evening.

I had the opportunity to judge the competition and some of the campaigns that were real “eye-openers” from my perspective in terms of real ROI and creative excellance were from agencies such as Mobile Dreams Factory’s Mini Mobile Dealer, Gap Style Mixer from AKQA, Pizza Hut iPhone App from Pizza Hut, Trident Fresh from and  MyThum’s Rogers/Live Nation live ticketing solution.

Click here for the entire overview of the event.