Is Access to the Internet a Human Right?

83% of the world can read and 80% of the world has access to electricity but less than 5% of the world has access to broadband internet.

So starts the messaging of, a website that believes “access to information is a human right.” The site suggests that there be free internet available for 95% of the world’s population:

7 out of 10 people do not have internet access. The Network we envision will fill in the coverage gap granting equal access to all. The idea is not new, but our perspective is: information can no longer come at a cost. 5 billion disconnected people will have equal access to a ubiquitous, free, and reliable information service. 

…Because access to information is a human right.

The mission of AHR is “to improve the human condition by advocating for and safeguarding global access to information as a human right.” The project involves “over a hundred innovators, thinkers, technologists, futurists, movers & shakers all over the globe.”

Their blog is regrettably lacking in updates but the idea is one many would probably rally behind.