Is Enterprise Software Here to Stay? A usergroup in Toronto


Hosted by Andrew Sincliar, right now, you can be a part of the foray into social software for the enterprise as the next user group focuses on the newly emerged Chatter and Collaboration tool. We’ve heard the pundits who have talked about social software as marginalizing the importance of email over the next five years.  But what does this mean for the future of interaction, sharing and communication for businesses? What about the lines between the public and private space becoming less distinct, and the effect this will have on the way business is conducted? These are all questions that Francisco Casas, who has been an advocate for social software in the enterprise and a key player in the rise of the CRM culture will hope to address.


Casas is explaining the benefits of Chatter; what it means to businesses, how to maximize its use to understand enterprise and communication goals and strategies and how to best deploy the tool.  Shortly, Casas will engage in a deep dive of the tool and go through various case studies to exemplify how Chatter is being effectively used in the enterprise space.  A round table discussion will also follow.

Held at the Ivey Leadership Centre, you can be a part of the discussion remotely and use the following dial in details: