Is Rogers internet service truly the fastest and most reliable?

Bell Canada is taking Rogers Communications to court over the latter’s claims that is has the fastest and most reliable internet service in Ontario (Rogers has already been banned from claiming this in New Brunswick).

Bell tried to get Rogers’ ads stopped until a trial determines if the claims are true, but they lost the injunction. A Superior Court Justice ruled Bell’s demands unjustified, stating that it was not the court’s place “to interfere in the advertising war between these two large corporations.”

A Bell rep disagreed, naturally, called Rogers’ claims “unsupported” and called the ads, which have been around since 2008, “misleading.”

This war is nothing new; telecommunication companies are always trying to declare themselves the fastest and most reliable, and competitors are constantly taking them to court over their claims.

A Rogers spokesperson had some smug words to say when Bell lost the injunction. We continue to believe that truth in advertising is important,” she said in an email.

Indeed it is. Too bad we may never know if it exists.