Is the CRTC being too harsh on Bell?

This article was written by Kole McRae and originally published on Geek Juice.

News broke recently that Bell Canada had been charged $1.3 million in fines by the CRTC. This fine was charged due to thousands of unsolicited calls sent to people on the do not call list.

“All telemarketers must respect the wishes of Canadians who have registered their telephone number on the National DNCL or request that a telemarketer include their number on its internal do not call list.”

It makes sense that the CRTC wants to set a precedent with the do not call list, letting companies know that it’s not something they take lightly but it’s strange that Bell has to pay so much. You see, Bell didn’t make those calls.

Like many major corporations Bell Canada uses a variety of methods to get new customers. Their telemarketing initiatives are split into two separate categories: In house advertising and outsourced advertising. The Bell Canada owned and operated call centers did NOT call anyone on the do not call list. They respected the letter of the law 100%.

The people who broke the law were a third party company trying to make affiliate sales. The company ignored the do not call registry and got caught. This company was not owned by Bell in any way, they did sell Bell services though.

“The company worked closely with the CRTC to investigate complaints, determining that some independent telemarketers acting on behalf of Bell were found to have violated both the CRTC’s and Bell’s own calling rules. No violations were committed by any Bell-operated call centres,”

According to a release by Bell they have terminated their contract with the infringing companies for obvious reasons.

So are they to blame? A company of that size should be doing background checks of every company they work with. If an employee of a company does something illegal that goes against company policy, should the company be to blame?

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