Is this the Ubisoft Toronto Location?

According to @UBI_EMPLOYEE1 Ubisoft will be announcing today the location of their Toronto studio. In July Ubisoft announced that it was going to open a studio in Toronto and you can check out a video from some of our coverage of the press conference here. This was an announcement that got the entire game industry buzzing.

Then less than 2 months later @UBI_EMPLOYEE1 appeared on twitter and facebook as Ubisoft Toronto’s first employee. Since then he has been spreading the word about Ubisoft’s new studio, their recent game releases via social networks. He has  been to Toronto for the Vortex Competition and GamerCamp while gathering a following of 1,067 followers on twitter and 1,294 on his facebook fan page as of Friday morning. 

So only a few days ago he put up two cryptic photos on facebook one of a brick wall and a more revealing picture of a part of a street sign with a building in the background. He also posted a video in front of the location on youtube which is embedded below. This is part of a little contest @UBI_EMPLOYEE1 has put up to see who can guess the right location.

One inquisitive individual named Kevin Q. Frank took some discreet pictures of where he thinks the suspected location will be which you can check out here. His guess is that Ubisoft Toronto will be at 224 Wallace Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M6H 1V7 click here for the Google street view.

So is Kevin right and will that be the home of Ubisoft Toronto? Does anyone else have any other ideas about where it will be? We will find out later today so check back on techvibes to see if this is where Ubisoft will be planting their flag.