Is Vancouver Canucks Goalie Roberto Luongo Secretly on Twitter?

Has the Vancouver Canucks’ supertstar goaltender, Roberto Luongo, been on Twitter in secrecy since July 2011? Maybe—and the generally serious Luongo may be more of a jokester than we knew.

On Wednesday, Canucks forward Ryan Kesler tweeted to his 134,000 followers that @Strombone1 is a funny guy and worth following. But based on Kesler’s Twitter habits, it was a very peculiar tweet. Who was this Strombone nobody? The Province decided to compile evidence as to why he may be Roberto Luongo.

• The first clue they jumped on was the fact it had the No. 1 in the username.

• Sept. 23 @strombone1 tweeted: “U know it’s been a long online poker shift when ur listening to Michael Jackson on your iTune playlist!!!” Roberto Luongo is a noted online poker fanatic and has even appeared in BC Lotto ads for poker.

• An online website called www.pocketfives. com has a forum where one member claims “strombone1” is Roberto Luongo’s online poker handle.

• Nov. 1 @strombone1 tweeted: “The other day I told my 3 year old daughter to stop acting fresh. She told me: daddy I’m fresh and ur not cuz ur stale!!! Quite impressive!!” This is in line with Luongo as he also has a young daughter Gabriella who was born March 27, 2008. That would put his daughter at the age of 3 at the time of this tweet.

• On Nov. 1 @strombone1 also tweeted: “I’ve taken longer bath-room breaks than Kim K’s wed-ding-. No seriously, ask any-one!!!!!” As any Canuck fan can tell you, there is one player on the Canucks who is famous for having a long bathroom break.

• @strombone1 tweets Nov. 8: “Staszko just informed the dealer that he has a hair appointment at super cuts in 20 mins! #WSOPfun-facts”. Yet another poker reference that points to the fact this could be the account of the card loving Luongo.

• Gerry Dee recently interviewed Roberto Luongo and asked him if he followed him on twitter, and Luongo admitted to having a twitter account. @strom-bone1 only follows 64 people. Gerry Dee is one of them. Basically 20 per cent of the accounts followed are former Canucks or people Luongo has known in real life at some point in time.

How compelling. And since then, Strombone has “come clean” with his “true identity”—Fin, the Canucks mascot. But folks aren’t biting on that one, Lu. They know it’s you.