– Taking the frustration out of electronics search

Still banging your head on the wall trying to figure out what to buy that special someone for the holidays?

Enter to help you from now on when it comes to buying that piece of consumer electronics.  Whether an mp3 player or a digital camera is taking product search to a whole new level. was created after much frustration over visits to dozens of random websites when researching the purchasing of electronics. While shoppers usually understand general specs when looking for a laptop or a digital camera they often seek out advice or suggestions online, through friends, family or from merchants.  As a result, the online world of product research has largely become a mashup of inaccurate blogs, reviews and amateur videos.

That’s where comes into play. is the brain child of Tomer Sidi and Orly Reitkop. Orly Reitkop owns Blue Lemon Media, a web agency based in Toronto and New Jersey with a background in marketing and business development. Tomer Sidi is a Webmaster for an international retail company with in-depth knowledge of e-business marketing and business in Tel Aviv, Israel. was created to make the decision process easier for consumers by asking them a handful of simple non-technical questions and providing a variety of suggestions ranging in brands and pricing that best fall into their criteria with the lowest available pricing.

Incorporating ease of use was a priority when developing the blueprint for the iscoper system. A main goal was to provide effortless functionality for every type of user to ensure broad accessibility. “It’s important to us that our users feel comfortable using the website and that the navigation is intuitive,” said co-founder Orly Reitkop.  “Also important was not to bombard our users with Ads or flashing banners.  The site is user centric with the consumer experience taking priority above all else.” is a free service that does not make money from purchases or advertising and has no ties to any of the merchandise; so users can feel confident that that the suggestions are based solely on their selected criteria.

Here’s how it works.  After entering simple to understand criteria, results are provided and the shopper may continue to learn more about each option by clicking “Go” taking them to merchants that have reflected the best price and criteria for the product searched. “We built as a tool for people researching electronics, so of course we wanted to site to be very user centric, the sort of tool that they would want to return to and share with friends.” generates results using several techniques including computer produced algorithms combined with real human expert research from people who understand about the latest in electronics, gadgets, and technology.

With priority on customer need based results, cares not what brand or company allegiance are generated and understands the value of creating a balanced environment for their customers to promote long-lasting trust and loyalty.

I asked Orly about the future of and product search: “The future of will be ever evolving. Plans are already in place for more advanced features, product profiles, mobile applications, and an evolved interface. As the web evolves and user needs change, so will”

In the future, visitors can also expect to see new and improved advancements regularly.  “We extend an open invitation to our online community to keep the conversation going and keeping in touch either by website feedback or through our social media venues to ensure what they see is what they want.”