iSIGN Media and POS Canada Partner to Merge Mobile and Cash Register Data

iSIGN Media Solutions, a provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves advertisers, manufacturers, retailers and advertising agencies, announced that it has reached an agreement with POS Canada to develop a mutual solution that will integrate mobile messaging with point-of-sale data.

The joint solution will be available with POS equipment for use in the hospitality channel, helping close the loop between mobile messaging and final purchase information in real time. Retailers, advertisers and brands will now be able to take advantage of iSIGN’s proximity messaging power at any location that is equipped with an iSIGN Smart Antenna.

The resulting raw data gathered from each location will be forwarded to iSIGN’s data partners for parsing, resulting in preferential and predictive data.  This data will also be available for sale to researchers, marketers and analytic institutions. iSIGN, which is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, expects that its future data sales will generate a higher sales price than generated by its current data sales.

“Proximity messaging to mobile devices merged with a retailers’ point-of-sale system is the ‘Holy Grail’ of business intelligence data,” said Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s Chief Executive Officer. “With this new joint solution, retailers and businesses can now instantly receive feedback for their advertising in real time, helping them to gauge shopper’s wants and needs and measure resulting purchases, which will help them further personalize future offers.”

iSIGN and POS Canada will be jointly present March 2 to 4, 2014 at the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association Show, taking place in Toronto, to introduce and promote this solution to 11,000 attendees and exhibitors.

Part of the York Region in Greater Toronto, Richmond Hill and its fellow municipalities are home to nearly 4,000 information and communications technology companies, which makes the area Canada’s highest ICT industry concentration and a major enterprise solutions technology cluster as well.