iStopOver launches Deal of the Day program

iStopOver deal of the dayToronto-based startup is in the news again this week with their new program called Deal of the Day. Starting September 1st, iStopOver will be discounting their booking fees on a featured city every day.

Discounts will be as high as 40-80% off of a city starting at 12am EDT for 24 hours. Each day will feature a different deal. You might get 40% off Paris one day, or 50% off of New York City the next. The company will be posting the Deal of the Day on their Facebook Page and Twitter account

Is it a good time to launch another daily deal site?

The iStopOver announcement comes just a few days after Hitwise reported that Groupon’s traffic has declined by 50% since its peak in mid-June. In addition, the Hitwise data shows that visits to the custom category of Daily Deal & Aggregator sites were down by 25% over the same time frame. What’s interesting to note is that Living Social’s traffic has actually increased by 27%.

With the constant influx of new daily deal sites emerging, one has to wonder whether consumers are starting to lose interest in daily deals. Or, is the market becoming too saturated?

iStopOver’s Deal of the Day program is likely a safe bet because it isn’t their primary business model and flash sales are not uncommon for travel websites. However, it’ll be interesting to see where the rest of the daily deal market is headed.

Tell us what you think the future holds for daily deal sites?