IT Departments Need to Get Over BYOD: It’s Here to Stay, Cisco Study Affirms

IT departments hate it. Everyone else loves it. And in this case, majority rules.

We’re talking about the Bring Your Own Device trend, of course. It’s booming, and it’s here to stay.

Cisco, an early adopter of a company-wide policy of 100% BYOD, has released a report that not surprisingly shines a favourable light on the phenomenon.

According to Cisco, 95% of organizations allow BYOD in some form. 76% of organizations believe BYOD is good for business—just don’t survey the IT department.

The number of average connected devices per worker is expected to climb from 2.8 this year to 3.3 in 2014. Security and privacy issues aside, the raw cost savings are tremendous: smartphones can cost up to $650, tablets up to $850, and laptops more than $1,000—all money saved by the company because the employee is willing to spend that for his or her own personal and professioal benefits. Cisco estimates that the annual benefits from BYOD range from $300 to $1,300 per employee, depending on the employee’s job role.

BYOD is no fad.