Canadian IT Professionals Want Chief Executive Role, Survey Finds

Tech execs in Canada are hungry for top spot, a new survey has revealed.

Canadian Chief Information Officers and senior information technology leaders are looking to move from running IT and computer systems to running the whole business, suggests a survey by Cogeco Data Services, a Canadian provider of fully managed hybrid ICT solutions.

The Angus Reid survey found that 46% of senior level IT professionals are interested in being CEO of their organization—or another organization—and 82% believe that their experience as an IT decision-maker positions them well to take on this role. The survey also revealed that 87% of IT executives see the growing importance of technology for overall business success as increasing the chances of CIOs and senior IT leaders of stepping into the CEO position or other C-level roles in core business decision-making functions.

“These findings clearly illustrate that business is evolving and the capabilities and knowledge required to lead successful companies in the current marketplace are changing. In light of this, the opportunity for IT executives to play a leading role in shaping and driving their company’s strategy has never been greater,” said Tony Ciciretto, CEO of Cogeco. “ICT has become an essential part of creating a competitive advantage and more and more senior IT professionals are breaking down silos and stepping up to the task.”

The perception of the role of IT and the job description of IT executives is continuing to transform in a big way across Canadian organizations. According to the survey, 61% of senior-level IT professionals feel that over the past three to five years, their job has changed in that they have more executive leadership responsibility. At the same time, 60% of senior IT leaders also said they are now providing more strategic input into other business lines or functions.

“The most successful companies will be led by executives who, regardless of their position or discipline, truly understand both the complexities and the potential of these technologies, and are able to turn them into business opportunities,” noted Ciciretto