ITAC launches Ingenious Awards Program to celebrate technological ingenuity of Canadian businesses

The Ingenious Awards Program is new awards program created by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) intended to showcase excellence in the use of information and communications technology by organizations of all sizes in all sectors of the Canadian economy.

“Across the country Canadians in all walks of life are demonstrating a tremendous aptitude for using technology to drive business competitiveness, improve service delivery, reduce costs and address huge 21st century problems such as providing affordable healthcare, ending isolation and safeguarding the sustainability of our environment,” said Bernard Courtois, president and CEO of ITAC. “In the process they are helping to build a stronger, more robust economy and a more just and equitable society. The ICT industry believes that this great contribution is something to celebrate.”

The Ingenious Awards Program will seek out enterprises demonstrating evidence of productivity improvement, efficiency gains, revenue growth, overall business transformation, or other major business outcomes through the use of technology. Awards will be presented in five categories: they will honour excellence in technology use in 1) large private enterprises, 2) large public organizations, 3) small and medium-sized private enterprises, 4) small and medium-sized public enterprises, 5) and not-for-profit organizations. Awards will be presented at a gala dinner in Toronto in June. The stories of winning entries will be published in an online magazine and distributed across Canada later this year.

The awards were created by ITAC to celebrate the ingenuity, adaptability, and competitiveness of Canadian business.

“The founders of this program all share the belief that improving the productivity and competitiveness of Canada’s economy through the use of technology is imperative to our future prosperity,” Bernard said. “We know that while there are many, many examples of excellence in the use of technology to innovate or to completely transform organizations, overall in Canada, we are not using technology at the same rate as other competitor nations. We also know that the most persuasive way to encourage organizations to use technology is through peer-to-peer exchange of best practices among companies and other organizations. The Ingenious Awards Program provides a mechanism for facilitating that peer-to-peer exchange in a sustained fashion.”

The nominations process for this inaugural round of Ingenious Awards is now open:

Candidates are required to submit a short project description and clear evidence of the correlation between the technology and measurable business outcomes. Nominations will be accepted until March 30. Judging will be conducted by panels of judges, by the CIO Association of Canada and by Ronan McGrath, a distinguished former CIO and past chair of ITAC. Nomination forms, rules and regulations and other information can be found at the Ingenious Awards Program website.