iTech Conferences Lands in Vancouver and Calgary in October

The iTech Conference is coming to Vancouver and Calgary.

In Calgary on October 8 and Vancouver on October 9, iTech 2014 is an IT infrastructure and cloud services conference. Returning for the ninth year, iTech offers a chance to speak one-on-one with vendors, discover new products, and network.

One notable session that will be available at both the Calgary and Vancouver editions comes from Dana Epp, the principal architect of identity and access management for Kaseya. Epp’s keynote is titled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Cloud Computing Security and What to do About Them.”

“Security is about risk mitigation, not risk avoidance,” Epp explains. “Regardless if it’s on-premises or in the cloud, we have to understand the threats to our systems and find ways to reduce risk to an acceptable level.”

In his session, attendees will learn how cloud adoption has thrust us into a new world of risk and compliance obligations, and learn how the threats to our information have shifted and changed—all while still being the same.

Tickets are free until September 26.