Iterasi: Save your Web

IterasiToday, most any site you encounter is actually—beneath the hood—a series of dynamic interrelated elements. Meaning, the page you see is likely a page only you see. And, what’s more, it may only be that page for that moment. Returning to the URL even a second later could result in an entirely new experience. How to capture that fleeting second? That’s what Iterasi hopes to solve. And for the past few months, a number of BETA testers have been using the Iterasi toolbar on a Windows browser (Mac is still in the works), to save a wide variety of Web pages—including all the dynamic elements—as usable HTML, forever. Now, you have the chance to do the same thing. Today, Iterasi opened the doors to their public BETA for Windows users. And you’re invited. [Full discloure: Iterasi is a client of mine. I worked with them a great deal on the initial announcement of their product in February, but aside from some ad hoc consultation, I did not participate in this launch.]