It’s Complicated: Seventeen examines how teenagers go through entire relationships on Facebook

Man, kids these days.

I used to think I was “current” and “with it” when I got dumped over MSN Messenger. The times, though, they are a-changin’, and research by Seventeen magazine (yes, that venerable, peer-reviewed journal about which Jonas Brother is the dreamiest) shows that relationships have entire life spans over Facebook.

Mashable has details and analysis about the Seventeen study:

As we have already seen in other studies, Facebook also plays a role in how we fall out of love. Mashable writer Samuel Axon wrote a detailed feature about how Facebook has changed dating for the worse, Facebook dating app AreYouInterested released a study in which 21% of respondents said they would break up with someone via changing their statuses, and, most recently, infographic wizard David McCandless came out with a chart that shows popular breakup periods by way of status updates.

Seventeen, for its part, reports that 10% of people have been dumped over Facebook, and the same number would just change their relationship status to “single” to cut a lover loose. The report also depicts the anguish the site can cause after a breakup, citing that 27% of people change their connection to their exes after a breakup via blocking (get Ex-Blocker for that extra push), hiding him or her on the News Feed or unfriending. Surprisingly, 73% of people keep their exes in the friends list. I’d like to see some stats on how many of those 73% stalk said ex after the breakup.

Finding out you’ve been dumped on your newsfeed? That’s cold.

Plenty of my guy friends, most of whom are in the 23–26-year-old range, live for Facebook flirting. It’s odd, but they laugh at the idea of using dating websites to meet women, but see Facebook as a godsend. Is it really that different?

I guess it’s a generational thing. I don’t know anyone my age who’s found a “soul mate” by flirting on Facebook; on the other hand, a friend of mine who’s over 30 met a woman on Craigslist two years ago — and by next summer, he’ll be calling her his wife.