It’s official! Foursquare is headed for Vancouver

The rumors are true, Foursquare is coming to Vancouver. Specifically, the mobile app that took the US by storm is set to drop on Raincity on September 9th at V Lounge in Yaletown (thanks in no small part to the work of 6s Marketing). Foursquare is giving anyone who attends the app a free cocktail, but in return users will start crowdsourcing venues and other favorite haunts using the app. Previously Foursquare would seed a new city with data about venues, but for this launch it’s all in the hands of the local digerati.

You can sign up for Foursquare at V on September 9th, or sign up ahead of time at You’ll have to register your city as “Seattle” and then change it to “Vancouver” once the 9th rolls around, but you’ll be able to gather friends early and get a head start working your way towards the coveted “mayor” position of your favorite venue.  

Will this experiment succeed? Given the tight-knit nature of Vancouver’s digital community, along with the social and game elements of Foursquare, it’s a safe bet that we’ll soon be “squaring” all our favorite places.