It’s worth spreading your ideas at TEDxToronto

Until August 6th, you too, can become a delegate (completely free of charge) at one of the arguly, most coveted conferences of the year: TEDxToronto.  The TEDx brand, which spans global markets to bring together thought leaders, change agents and innovators is built on the foundation of thinking in ideas, not channels.  With this lofty, but important direction, the conference touches on much more than simply technology happenings but sits at the convegence of the issues and realities that lead to great change and innovation. 

The online experience, which was developed by Toronto’s own Jet Cooper is a huge win for the agency as the TEDx brand becomes more and more recognizable, globally and domestically.  The agency was able to convey the theme of this year’s conference into its design, emphasizing the importance of turning the abstraction of ideas into reality and action.  Next week, we’ll sit down with Jet Cooper to understand their design concept for this year’s conference and the role they hope to play come Septemeber when TEDx comes to Toronto.

With speakers spanning true change agents, commited to driving tangible action within the Toronto community, it’ll be interesting to see the viable outcomes that will manifest after the September 30th conference.  Afterall, with a mandate that does not discriminate across verticals, demographics or disciplines, it’s evident that in today’s world, lasting ideas really are our common currency.