iWeb reaches the 10,000 server milestone

The rise of media-rich online applications combined with the growing demand for IT capacity has helped Montreal’s iWeb reach an impressive milestone – 10,000 dedicated servers. According to hosting provider’s press release today, iWeb’s footprint has more than tripled in the past three years.

iWeb announced today that it has reached the mark of over 10,000 dedicated servers hosted for its customers. The rise of media-rich applications available online, combined with demand for increased IT capacity has grown the Internet hosting provider’s footprint from 3,000 servers in 2006 to over 10,000 dedicated servers today.

Impressive growth and since iWeb is a publically traded company (TSX-V:IWB), we can see that revenue has increased at least 60% every year since 2003 and that they just reported a 92% first quarter revenue increase over the same period last year.

Look for iWeb to roll out a marketing campaign revolving around the number 10,000 to promote its dedicated server hosting services soon.