Japan, the Land of the Rising Smartphone Market

Behold Japan, the land of the rising smartphone market.

While the smartphone market in Japan has only reached a 6% penetration rate compared to 45% in Canada, the country’s users are far more engaged with the devices they do own.

The infographic below demonstrates the true impact smartphones have had on Japanese consumers.

Among the countries favorite activities is browsing the web (78% of users) and a worldwide leading 59% of users share videos over their phones.

In fact, out of 18 top phone user categories Japan’s users ranked number one in 10 categories.

What does this mean to Canada?  Opportunity for mobile developers to take advantage of this exploding mobile market.

And Wavefront and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) are actively seeking established Canadian companies with innovative solutions in Mobile Marketing, Mobile Content, Mobile Advertising or Mobile Social Media who are ready to export their solutions to the Japanese market.

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Infographic: Infographic Labs