Jet Cooper exec looks back at GROW Conference 2010

By all accounts, the GROW Conference 2010 in Vancouver this pastjc month was a resounding success.  This year’s technology conference brought together some of the brightest minds from Silicon Valley and Canada to share and inspire each other.  I recently caught up with Jet Cooper’s Satish Kanwar to get his thoughts on this year’s GROW:

Why did you attend GROW?

GROW 2010 was, in my opinion, the first technology conference in Canada to truly get entrepreneurs, investors and influencers in the same room and on the same page. The line-up of organizations involved was impressive, which convinced me to be one of the first 25 to purchase a ticket. Most of all, it gave me an excuse to spend time with the budding start-up community in Vancouver.

What lessons did you take away?

Canada is in the game. From the impressive line-up of speakers and sponsors, to the even more impressive entrepreneurs from across the country that attended, there was an overwhelming feeling of “we matter”.

We have the people, resources and attention to make an impact on the industry, but we need to be better at standing as a single community of Canadian start-ups.

Outside of the sessions, which person or people impacted you the most and why?

It was a pleasure being in the company of Bootup throughout my week in Vancouver. Both the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society and Bootup Labs were great hosts to many of us visiting from Toronto.

I met many of the good folks making things happen (@sonsryan, @maurar), talked to the start-ups in this year’s cohort (@summify, @contractually, @foodtree), and even used their office space for a few days.

How will GROW help you and Jet Cooper grow?

GROW has helped me gain greater insight into the state of technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada. As Jet Cooper, we’re now exploring opportunities related to product strategy, ux and design with start-ups in communities across Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.