Canadian Startup Jiber Evolves the Handshake into Meaningful Mobile Experience

There’s the “good to meet you” handshake, the secret handshake, and the golden handshake.

The history of the handshake can be traced back to ancient Greece, and now thanks to Canadian startup Jiber, the handshake is evolving into a meaningful mobile experience.

We’re living in a “mobile-first” world. The mobile phone is an intelligence portal into our identity, and with that in mind Jiber has a plan. Our interactions are not just about businesses, directions, and photos. We interact with people.

It was a number of key people interactions that gave cofounder and CEO Noah Bloom the spark of an idea. In fact, he really exemplifies a connection between resiliency, innovation, and startup determination. After having over 30 conversations and being offered the opportunity to join Facebook, a visa snafu kept Bloom from crossing that finish line.

Instead of sulking and feeling hard done by, he reflected on those many conversations and began distilling his vision for community and the social fabric. Having immense respect for the Facebook people he interacted with, Bloom focused on turning this life lesson into something bigger.

Bloom and cofounder Dima Berastau often wondered when meeting someone, “did I already know this person? Could they be from a world apart but a single social degree away? Could superficial conversations mitigate some deep connection we had and weren’t able to expose? Did I miss meeting someone that would have made a meaningful or important connection? Did I meet someone fleetingly with which I had no choice but to lose touch, with no contact details, or unable to remember how and where we met?”

Jiber is simple: meet someone shake your phones, and the app takes your identities and mashes them into a meaningful handshake. You may find some unexpected, hilarious, or even game-changing aspects to your connection.

The app dives into all that amazing content you’ve both shared over the years on Facebook and Twitter. It also looks at your mutual friends, the places you’ve visited or want to visit, your interests and passions—and offers a score (your “Jiber score”) to represent your similarity as a percentage, with 99% for example being a remarkably close match.

Shedding the closed beta label, Jiber is in full launch mode and currently available for iOS, with an Android version on the development roadmap.

The use cases for the app are varied, from finding more meaningful connections while networking professionally to making your dating life more interesting. Ultimately the lines between our personal and professional life get more blurry by the day. The company we keep, our workplace culture, and the communities we choose to participate with define a lot about each of us. Using Jiber to create more meaningful and deeper connections seems well worth giving it a fair shake.