Jiibe sets you up with the right Employer

It’s been one year since we covered Vancouver-based Jiibe at Launch Party Vancouver 2 and they’re chugging along building up their database of real world employers.

Jiibe is a user-powered online service that helps people make better decisions for a happier life. First we help you understand what sort of workplace you need to be happy. Then we point you to companies that match based on the real-life experiences of other members.

To close out 2008 they’re running an online hiring game based on the classic game show Love Connection called Jiibe Connection. Check out the contest and pick Claire’s career path – one lucky voter wins a iPod Nano.

If you’re from Vancouver, you’ll see that this project is a community effort. Jiibe is using Strutta for the video contest platform, that’s Leah from Giant Ant Media portraying Claire the job seeker, and the three potential employers are Vancouver-based Virtus‘ Mike Desjardins, Nitobi‘s Andre Charland, and Echo Memoirs‘ Samantha Reynolds.

Side note – this contest has been Dugg 21 times and a lone commenter on Digg had no trouble exercising his right to vote. Ha. Have a read:

I voted randomly (aka ‘the hot chick button’) and chose along with 63% of responders. I hope that means what I think it means. like, we don’t need software to make good decisions. or… software just helps us pick hot chicks and rationalize it.