Jiibe: Maximizing Human Capital

Buzz Canuck blogger and social media guru Sean Moffitt recently had the chance to interview Jiibe founder Greg Scott in Vancouver (see the full Jiibe interview here). Jiibe helps employees and jobseekers find corporate cultures that fit their values and style of work through scientific assessment technology, user-driven content and social networking. Unlike other assessment technologies, Jiibe is focused on the individual employee or jobseeker.

Some highlights of the Buzz Canuck interview with Jiibe:

On how Jiibe does what it does: “How do we drive real change? Trust. Jiibe offers is a way for individuals to share the REALITY of their workplace and find better value matches, but only with enough users, with critical mass, does it have the power to become an efficient, trusted and powerful cultural marketplace.”

On how people looking for short-term contract positions as well as full-time employment can use Jiibe: “Many times the client company is just testing to see if the contractor is a fit. Wouldn’t it be better if you know you were a fit from the start? Then the odds of getting the bigger contracts are substantially greater.”

On the future of Jiibe and human resources 2.0: “We will see greater employee participation at all levels of an organization. The value of sincerely listening to your employees is nothing new; but the consequences are dire for those that don’t engage their employees. Human Resources 2.0, Human Capital 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 just make it easier for a leader to be in touch will all parts of their organization.”