Jim Balsillie speaks on the newly-planned Balsillie Campus in Waterloo [VIDEO]

Where will Jim Balsillie take us next? Back to Waterloo apparently.

Today, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) launched its video blog today, to be used as a platform to cover the construction of the newly-commissioned Balsillie Campus, the latest addition to Waterloo’s coterie of educational institutions.

Entitled “Building for the Future”, the video blog looks to chronicle the different topics surrounding the construction of this ambitious new institution – from inspiration and design and innovative construction techniques, to community, student and faculty takes on the matter.

The first video blog of its newly announced series features Jim Balsillie, founder of the Balsillie Campus and co-CEO of RIM, discuss his inspiration for founding a new campus in Waterloo, as well as his thoughts and opinions on where and how it will contribute towards global stewardship for a sustainable future (Watch the video here)

The first Monday of every month will see the release of a new video featuring a key figure involved with the project. After launch, each video will be archived, and opened up to commentary from the public.

Scheduled to be located on what is now the site of the old Seagram Distillery in Waterloo, the Balsillie Campus will be shepherded by CIGI to create resources, facilities and programs for students from the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and other Canadian and international universities, including the established Balsillie School of International Affairs.