Discover New Friends on WhatsApp, Kik, BBM and More Through Canadian-made Mobile App Jingu

Conversing with friends is easy. You can call them, text them, tweet them, message them, email them—this list could stretch for miles. But discovery is so often lost on social platforms. How can you chat with friends if you can’t find any to chat with?

Jingu, which was acquired in July by Rebellion Media, offers a solution. The free iOS and BlackBerry app enables users to find new friends to chat with in the various cross-platform, text-esque apps that exist today: WhatsApp, Kik, Hookt—even BlackBerry Messenger.

The app provides a stream of conversation in “the lounge,” and offers simple left and right swiping to access profiles and share messages. Users can filter the stream by location, meaning they can meet friends globally, only within their country, or in their specific city. And Jingu disarms anonymous creeps: users must upload their own profile pictures before being able to view other users’ full profiles.

Jingu is only the latest in a slew of acquisitions by Rebellion this year. Also in July, Rebellion acquired Waterloo startup Sortable. And in August, the Canadian company bought 10 combat sports websites.