Jive hoping to dominate the Social Business Software market with new release

Portland-based Jive Software just released Social Business Software version 3.0. Jive SBS 3.0 provides a social-networking UI connects employees with customers and with each other. Mike Rogoway of The Silicon Forest Blog says that “At first blush [SBS] looks like Facebook, a format Jive hopes will help engage companies’ younger employees.” Jive calls SBS 3.0 “purpose-built for Global 2000 enterprises” – encouraging collabortion and communition from both inside and outside a company. They already claim to serve more than 15% of hte Fortune 500.

Jives hopes to secure the position of leader in the Social Business Sorware market using a three-pronged approach, involving Jive SBS 3.0, building a “go-to-market model” for selling, servicing and supporting the Global 2000, and the creation of “the Jive Industry,” which they claim will be the “largest collection of strategic technology, application, and service partners in the SBS market.”

The product seems to be kind of like GetSatisfaction, but on a larger scale. Is anyone using SBS 3.0? Let us know what you think. Jive is introducing Jive SBS 3.0 in a webcast on Tuesday, March 19 at 10:00am PST. Click here to register.


What if Work Was Social Again? from Jive Software on Vimeo.