Jive releases Clearspace 2.0, launches new site, acquires Jotlet

Jive SoftwareJive Software has just announced the latest release of Clearspace 2.0, its enterprise collaboration platform, and with it, the launch of a brand new design for the Jive Web site. As if that weren’t enough, they’ve also announced an acquisition.

First, the upgrade. The new version of Clearspace unveils a number of new Web 2.0-esque features designed to enhance collaboration for Jive’s customers. Those features allow users to monitor and collaborate with the individuals and organizations within the company—or even, thanks to XMPP, outside of the company—that are most important to them, while allowing them to drown out the noise that may compromise their productivity.

Second, the new site. An improvement over Jive’s previous instantiation, the new site seeks to lend some of the Jive product aesthetic to its primary marketing vehicle. The staff is clearly proud of the new site (as well they should be). So proud, in fact, that in addition to announcing the new Clearspace product, CEO Dave Hersh commends those behind the new Web site:

You might also have noticed the new website. Sam, David Greenberg, and team have been hard at work on building a beauty of a site that matches the depth of the new Clearspace release. These guys have done an amazing job and they’ve been sleeping at the office to get it done. My hats off to them. We would love your feedback on this too, so let us know what you think.

And last but not least, the acquisition. Jive also announced that they had made their first acquisition, picking up Jotlet, a scheduling and calendaring tool that will be integrated into Clearspace in future builds.

A huge day for one of Portland’s leading startups. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.