Job Hopping Becoming the New Normal in Canada, Study Finds

Canadians are spending less and less time in their jobs, with only 30% staying at any one job for more than four years, compared to 60% in 2002, according to a Thinkoplis report from Workopolis.

In addition to shorter tenure times we’re also changing jobs more frequently; 48% of those surveyed reported having three or more distinct career paths entirely.

Why are we changing jobs more than ever before? The report reveals the top reasons Canadians leave their jobs with a poor working relationship with their boss as the top motivator, followed by boredom, better opportunities, and poor fit/work culture. When it comes to finding a new job, the report also revealed that 59% of employers spend just 11 seconds on their initial scan of resumes, with nearly 80% not making the cut.

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Infographic: Workopolis