JobMagnet taps into followers with tweetCruit

Vancouver’s JobMagnet announced this morning the launch of tweetCruit – the newest component of their social recruiting platform. Simply put, tweetCruit allows hiring companies to tap into their Twitter followers when looking for new hires.

The tweetCruit tool powers recruiting campaigns through deep integrations with Twitter. Unlike services like JobShouts that uses Twitter as a distribution stream, tweetCruit has assembled integrated messaging, pre-screening, applicant management, workflow and analytics capabilities into a single, unified platform. Candidates are quickly and efficiently handled from point of interest, through to the application, qualification and interview processes.

A handful of companies have taken to tweetCruit immediately. Not surprisingly one of them is Vancouver’s 6S Marketing – a Internet Marketing company on the leading edge of social media. A flurry of retweets went out last night for their opening for a Social Media Marketing Strategist and considering the medium it won’t be long until their interview slate is full.

Everyone will agree that Twitter is a great service – but it would be nothing without the other sites, tools, and apps that help you get the most out of it. JobMagnet Founder Divesh Sisodraker understands that and wrote about it recently here. Sisodraker believes Twitter is far more than an application and that its true value is as communications channel.

As a social platform, Twitter has two interesting characteristics . First, behavior on Twitter is a lot like behavior on instant messaging services, it is violently fast. Second, the unique one-to-many messaging characteristic of the system means a potential for Marshall stack-like amplification of messages through the re-tweeting process. Leveraging these characteristics in a business context can be very powerful for any company, but to do so, you need to think of Twitter as a platform, not as an application.