Jobtac Launches With Powerful Online Tools For Job Seekers And Employers

I recently came across a new Toronto-based web start-up called and subsequently met the founders and saw their product demo and came away being really impressed with the team and with what they had built. Jobtac seeks to dramatically improve the online job application process for both job seekers and employers alike, and offers a very impressive line-up of web-based products as part of their solution. 

Their core product enables job seekers to brand themselves online through a profile page which includes their resume, video, references and even a portfolio (here is an example), which can then be provided to employers and marketed on social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Satraj Bambra, Jobtac’s CEO, mentioned to me that:

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever for job applicants to differentiate themselves in the market and Jobtac seeks to provide them with the tools to do that.

Check out this short (and brilliantly done!) video which explains Jobtac Profiles:

Jobtac also provides a comprehensive web-based applicant tracking system for employers which can help them to better manage their full application cycle – from posting jobs, to receiving applications to even communicating with applicants, all within the Jobtac system. Check it out here: In addition, Jobtac also offers a widget called “iApply” which employers can embed anywhere (eg, in blog posts) and applicants can then apply through a single-click application process. 

Jobtac has just launched, and has an enthusiastic team, a great product and a wide range of partnerships with various employers already lined-up – this is one start-up to watch out from Toronto. Check it out at and feel free to get in touch with Satraj (Jobtac’s CEO) at satraj.bambra AT with any feedback you might have.