Jott Got Bought!


Or so we’ve thought.

Seattle speech-to-text startup Jott is reported by TechFlash to have been sold, the announcement is expected as early as this week. The unknown buyer is apparently a large player with interests in the communications area; Jott co-founder John Pollard declined to comment on the story.

The company, whose technology allows spontaneous voice messages be converted to text in the form of email, text message, or web update, gives customers the ability dictate lengthy and prolific pieces of “data entry” while on the go. Sporting a tie-in to Salesforce, Jott allows meeting notes, appointments, and reminders to be dictated by sales people as they rush about. Similar services are offered by competitors GotVoice, and Yap.

Jott was founded in 2008 by Pollard and Shreedhar Madhavapeddim, both former Microsoft employees. This sale comes not long after the company switched to a subscription-based model in February of this year, from a free model based solely on ad revenue.