Jott Scrapping Free Services, Adding New Ones

Citing the economic environment, Seattle-based scrapping free services and moving to a pay model. Founded in 2006, Jott Networks offers mobile voice-to-text services, giving the ability to send emails, text messages, set reminders, create lists, record thoughts, and post to web services and business apps.

CEO and Co-Founder John Pollard says that “While we’ve made remarkable progress at innovating costs out of the system, the current climate is forcing us to focus 100% of our energy on getting to profitability. The great news is that with this change we are within sight of that goal.”

Jott’s cost still won’t break the bank – at $3.95/month, it’s a pretty affordable service. Jott had originally hoped to use advertising to generate profitability, but Pollard says that the model is simply “not viable right now.”

On a more positive note, Jott Networks also announced today that they are increasing services, adding Jott Voicemail.
Jott Voicemail converts voicemail to text, and then sends them via email, SMS online, or to your desktop (though you can still call in to listen to messages). Jott Voicemail also offers call back reminders, the ability to reply, forward and share messages via email or SMS, and search your text voicemails.