Journalism Evolving, Not Dying: Thanks Internet

Optimistic news for citizen journalism, blogging and online information sharing sites:  You are going to survive!  In fact, you are going to forge ahead and create a blossoming and solid ecosystem for the future of news gathering.  Okay, so why I am using environmental metaphors? Because of this post that I just read from science writer Steve Johnson.  Johnson shared his insights for a group at SXSW and he did not sugar-coat the future of the newspaper industry. The scoop?  He says newspapers are like old growth forests

…saying that under the canopy of that aged ecosystem blogging, citizen journalism, Twittering and other Internet-age information sharing is taking root

His suggestion for the newspaper industry?

…Newspaper publishers would be wise to drop print and delivery costs and then focus on digging out the hot local topics that their readerships crave

News organizations should stop wasting resources on information freely available online, he added. And, they should stop killing trees

Print editions are yesterday’s news. If it is news, people want to hear it as soon as they can

The information mix will, of course, include direct online streams such as webcasts from high-profile people such as US President Barack Obama

So what can we expect?

…people will pay monthly subscriptions for online newspapers solidly tapped into their communities…weaving together talents of professional journalists, bloggers, and people using social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter to instantly tell what is happening around them