Judy’s Book dusted off and back in circulation

One year ago Michael Arrington of Techcrunch reported that Seattle-based user-generated review site Judy’s Book was shutting down. Today he reported that Judy and her book are back from the dead and have been acquired and are back in circulation.

You read that correctly – while other startups are biting the dust, previously-deadpooled Judy’s Book is back online and under new ownership. The site was originally launched in July 2005 and was shut down in 2007 after burning through $10.5 million in capital.

New investors David Niu, Geoff Entress, and Andy Liu have acquired the assets of the company and are behind the new launch.

Intersting twist: All three investors are Limited Partners in Founder’s Co-op – which is managed by General Partners Andy Sack and Chris Devore. Sack and Devore were the original founders of Judy’s Book and Andy’s mother-in-law, Judy, was the inspiration for the site.