Just Launched, Intigi’s Moonbird is a Cool New Way to Follow Relevant People on Twitter

Intigi has just launched Moonbird, a microapp that helps you find people to follow on Twitter based on the content they share.

The startup describes Moonbird as “a free service that helps you find interesting people to follow on Twitter,” and using it is simple: give Moonbird an article URL and it will show you the last 20 people who have shared it on Twitter.

Intigi explains the purpose of Moonbird in a new blog post announcing the launch.

1. Find Relevant Followers Moonbird can find you followers that actually shared something you care about. Chances are they’ll share something again in the future that you might want to see as well.

2. Get More Followers Because you’re following people similar to yourself, you’re likely to get a higher follow-back rate using Moonbird. Pro Tip: Keep your Twitter bio super descriptive of the kinds of things you tweet about.

3. Follow People Who Share Your Stuff Use the Moonbird bookmarklet on your own blog posts and make sure you’re following the people that are sharing your stuff.

BONUS: 4. Follow People Who Share Your Competitors’ Stuff What? Yeah.

Intigi was founded by Jeff Ward, who hails from Victoria. He was also behind ShareCam, which we have previously covered.