Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any bigger… it does


The half-billion users that make up what is the world’s largest social network are a part of something that has not nearly reached its peak.

As Facebook collaborates with INQ on what will likely be the most socially potent mobile device to ever hit the market, and as Facebook collaborates with VoiP-king Skype to deeply intertwine one another’s features, and as Facebook does who knows what else behind the scenes… as Facebook does all this, there is now the looming likelihood of an IPO in 2012 or 2013.

And with so many salient partnerships budding, and so many still yet to happen, the IPO is a very rich icing on the cake. Investors will be eying Facebook’s every move, and so far, they’re all the right ones. I know that it’s early to talk about the success of partnerships hardly yet solidified, but Facebook’s track record says success is in the bag. Zuck and his team have accomplished so much already that the site could easily just ride the wave its built up. Instead, they’re still pushing the boundaries.

From a best-selling novel and a well-reviewed Hollywood flick, in addition to, of course, the site itself, Facebook is embedding itself deeply in all facets of society. It’s definitely not going to plateau on users any time soon, with more than 50% growth over the past year, a mind-numbing number when you consider the already-massive base of users it had to grow from. It’s one thing to have 10 members, get another 10, and claim a doubling growth rate – but to start with hundreds of millions?

There won’t be an individual over the age of eight in North America who won’t know the word “Facebook” in a few years. It’s yet to be determined if this is a good or bad thing.