JustFly Creates Unique Challenges for Momentum Ventures

Expanding to new markets is always a unique experience for any company.

Momentum Ventures did just that in 2014 with the launch of JustFly. While well-versed in the online travel scene with their years of experience with FlightHub, JustFly represented a unique challenge, representing Momentum Ventures’ first major and dedicated push into the US travel marketplace.

JustFly followed the 2012 launch of FlightHub, meaning the JustFly team had two years of experience to look back on when building this new product. Momentum Ventures CEO Matt Keezer believes that the move to the US market was a sound idea, saying “the US travel market is massive,” adding “with so many in-demand destinations it was a no-brainer to attack this market head on using the experience we gathered in launching FlightHub primarily in Canada back in 2012.”

JustFly’s goal is ultimately to offer low-cost flights to the US market. One way they ensure this is by using a proprietary flight searching system. Partnering up with over 400 airlines, JustFly creates what amounts to a capitalistic search engine.

This search engine pits these airlines against each other to offer the best prices, with the consumer ultimately benefiting. Combining that with the outstanding technical and customer service backbone Summit Services, another Momentum Ventures product, provides, JustFly doesn’t just aggregate, it generates the best prices for its customers.

JustFly is the product of Momentum Ventures’ unique development environment. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Momentum Ventures builds businesses in-house, forgoing the traditional yet high risk venture capital route.

Since it’s launch in 2007, Momentum Ventures has launched over half a dozen successful online businesses ranging from online travel to affiliate marketing and online streaming platforms. They recently launched the Momentum Ventures Challenge, an entrepreneurial challenge aimed at finding premier business talent to join its ranks.

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