Justin Bieber Accounts for 3% of All Traffic on Twitter

Biebs. What a guy.

When Justin Bieber says “Night Girls” on Twitter, 30,000 girls respond. Now that’s Klout.

Mashable and Crisp Social married their “fascination” with the teen pop sensation to infographic titled “Dissecting Justin Bieber.” While not terribly in-depth, the graphic does consolidate Justin’s myriad mind-boggling internet statistics—14 million followers, the second most in the world; 2 billion views on YouTube, including some of the most-viewed videos in the history of the website; 37 million likes on Facebook, the third-most of any person in the world… you get the idea.

Still young—and let’s not forget, totally Canadian—Justin Bieber is the epitome of social media power. While Gaga may narrowly edge him out on followers and likes, Biebs boasts significantly more lists on Twitter and trends far more often than the “Born This Way” star, not to mention the fact that his Klout score is a perfect 100—the only perfect score on earth, and considerably higher than Gaga’s. All this suggests that, while he may not lead in every category, his raw influence is surely the greatest.

Oh, and he counts for 3% of all traffic on Twitter. ‘Nuff said.