Justin Bieber Surpasses Lady Gaga to Become Most Followed Account on Twitter

Lady Gaga has held the crown of most-followed person on Twitter since 2010. Justin Bieber, who created his account about a year after Gaga, has been in second for more than a year.

Today, after several months of very slowly closing the gap, Ontario-born Bieber surpassed Gaga. He now has 33,340,000 followers, or “beliebers,” just a few thousand more than Gaga, but enough to take the lead.

Lady Gaga was the first person to reach 10 million followers, 20 million followers, and 30 million followers. But the Canadian pop sensation holds plenty of records. He was the first to have a YouTube video reach 500 million views, and he held the crown of most-viewed video for quite some time before Psy snatched it away with “Gangnam Style.” And at one point, Bieber was estimated to be responsible for 3% of all Twitter traffic.

Will Bieber be the first to reach 30 million followers?