Kelowna wants to be first city to fully adopt Twitter

The Okanagan Science and Technology Council in now on Twitter and they want every business in Kelowna to join them. Through an initiative called Kelowna Twitter Business Day (@TwitBizDay), OSTEC is rallying the troops.

The vision is to get every business in Kelowna on Twitter and to make Kelowna the first city in the world to fully adopt Twitter for business. The objective is to network the business community by sharing local news, events, and insights into the region.

Join a citywide initiative to get Kelowna business on Twitter. To help put Kelowna on the map, and to better network the business community, OSTEC is actively supporting this grassroots initiative to get every business on Twitter by September 9, 2009.

If you’re in Kelowna and on Twitter, tweet this: “Hey @TwitBizDay, I’m a business in Kelowna and want to support Twitter Business Day! #twbiz”.

If you’re in Kelowna and not on Twitter, you better get to it now.