Kerfmusic is the iTunes of Canada Alt-Country-Roots-Rock

Kerfmusic LogoIf you’re hankering for some great Canadian content, look no further than Calgary’s Kerfmusic. Kerfmusic has become THE source of Canadian alt-country, roots-rock alternative and jazz / folk around the world.

Kerfmusic has over 450 artists registered on the digital distribution and eCommerce platform, and more than 700 different CD’s for download (in .MP3 format, so it’s not restricted). The music hails mostly from Western Canada and B.C., with a smaller eastern contingent; as Kerfmusic puts it “great independent music from the prairies and beyond.” Interestingly, almost half of their registered users (“fans”) are not in Canada at all, and there is a growing interest from Europe, where this style-o-music is striking a chord.

RUN to You’ll be surprised to see a few familiar names and even more surprised to find some fantastic and passionate roots rock. Get out your wallet. Support local music, get some Christmas gifts, and help out a passionate technology startup. 

Speaking of which, I met President and Founder Dave Broderick at Bragga Trattoria’s in Mount Royal Village for lunch the other day (5 stars for the restaurant, btw!)

Dave has been running Kerfmusic for almost 6 years; he’s promoted and produced several bands and tours in the Western provinces. Along the way, he’s been signing artists, growing the fan base, and working on his music eCommerce and distribution platform. He’s done all the coding, which is a great place for a founder and entrepreneur to be.

Dave released his latest improvements to the platform late Summer.

Kerfmusic provides great exposure for artists who get lost in iTunes. Since bands make a living mostly with their live gigs these days, Dave and the Kerfmusic platform also helps the artist with pre- and post- promotion of their gigs, and associating it with getting their music heard and bought on his platform for a longer term relationship. Kerfmusic is laser focused on this “artist-friendly” attitude and plays an essential part of the whole local music experience.

Dave is currently looking for investors, and growing his management team for business development. Contact Dave Broderick through his LinkedIn account.