Kidobi launches educational video website for young children

A Toronto startup is going to give educational on-demand video for preschoolers a shot with their new website, Kidobi.

Kidobi is a personalized video channel full of ad-free educational content for young children. The website can be programmed by parents to display videos about topics that parents want their children to learn about or it can generate content based on what has been previously viewed. All content has been reviewed by Kidobi staff, parents and experts to ensure that it is age-appropriate and safe for young children.

CEO Leo Henning is the man behind Kidobi. Frustrated by a lack of content suitable for his own young children on the Internet, Henning developed Kidobi to provide a wide range of entertaining and educational content. Part of how he was able to attract that content was by allowing producers to retain their intellectual property rights despite being distributed by Kidobi — DJC Kids Media, HGagnon Distribution, Melody Street, Wee Hands and others are part of Kidobi’s line-up.

“Now is a great time for content providers to participate in what we believe is the future of online children’s entertainment,” said Henning, in a press release.

The idea of an online website for young children certainly isn’t new. For example, a Vancouver company called Totlol went through an up-and-down ride in the search for profitability for two years before finally calling it a day in December 2009. Kidobi plans to operate on a subscription basis, so the number of subscribers to this new service will ultimately determine if it lives or dies.

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